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2005 DSCC Award
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2005 Readiness Award
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Welcome To Aurora Cord & Cable

New products utilizing the latest LED technology.

LED Plastic Rear Composite - 201115

Diecast LED Tailight AC - 13496

LED Dome Lamp AC - 15000

LED Plastic Front Composite - 201144

A Message From The President

I am pleased to announce that Aurora Cord & Cable Company has acquired Swiss Controls Incorporated ( We are excited about combining the best of both companies to provide you with a larger product line of high quality lighting products. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you give us the opportunity to provide your vehicle lighting.


Frank E. Heffley
Aurora Cord & Cable Company

Aurora Cord & Cable Company (ACCC) is the leader in manufacturing lighting products for military vehicles. ACCC manufactures a complete line of internal and external lighting Products used on combat / tactical military vehicles including over 400 products comprised of wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, electrical, and electro-mechanical devices. Providing the highest military standards of quality control we deliver our products with minimal lead time based on our ability to meet the needs of our customers through quoting, design and production.

Our goal is to constantly increase the level of customer satisfaction in the products and services we provide. We are proud to supply products to the World leading vehicles manufacturers:

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