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2005 DSCC Award
Defense Supply Center Columbus Recognition For Excellence Gold Award

2005 Readiness Award
US Government Outstanding Readiness Support Award

Aurora Cord & Cable Company
Aurora Cord & Cable
325 South Union Street
Aurora, IL USA 60505-4400
Tel: (630) 851-1616
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Aurora Cord & Cable: Company Information

The Aurora Cord & Cable Company (ACCC) was founded in 1966 to manufacture electrical assemblies and lighting systems for military vehicles.

ACCC is the industry leader in product scope and implements the Quality System that is certified to MIL-I-45208A by the US Government. ACCC is classified as a small business and our Cage code is 5A910. Aurora Cord and Cable Company occupies a 4 level 68,000sq.ft. building located at 325 S. Union Street Aurora IL, USA.

Aurora Cord & Cable
Aurora Cord and Cable Company keeps costs low by custom building customer orders and it carries no finished goods inventory. Orders typically ship 12 weeks after they are placed. During the years (ACCC) acquired DC Electronics and Altek Corporation and combined operations in the ACCC building. Aurora Cord & Cable owns its own tooling and has the widest product line of military lighting in the world.

Winner: ACCC - 2005 Recognition for Excellence Gold Aware by the Defenese Supply Center Columbus

Winner: ACCC - 2005 Outstanding Readiness Support Award by the US Government

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